Spring brings to mind thoughts of renewal and refreshing…. And we usually take that to mean cleaning out and cleaning up our homes and cars, but what about refreshing your mind? Your thoughts? Your intentions? These are just as important and need to be dusted off just as frequently…

I know that personally, I haven’t reviewed my goals in a few months. Personal goals. Marriage goals. Blog goals (although I did find a sweet new theme!!!). Etc. Having an intention for your life, thoughts, dreams, and aspirations is important. Keeping these things in the forefront of your mind is even more important. It’s quite easy to get distracted and lose focus of what truly matters.

I think for anyone reading this blog, myself included, it’s time to reevaluate our goals for the year. I’m sure like everyone else, we created a list of 2014 goals back in January….. Let’s all take a moment this week to review them and evaluate any progress we’ve made in the last quarter. Let’s keep moving forward and gain momentum!