A friend once told me that major life changes seem to happen all at once. I didn’t believe her at the time, and went about my life… Until now. It seems as if her words are ringing true. Not only is the wedding coming up, but I’ll be moving to a town outside of Charlotte, and I’ve taken a leap, and I’m now in a new job!!! And maybe even a career????

There’s always a little uncertainty when making huge changes like this. Will the pay be comparable? What about benefits? Will this job be closer to my passion? I’ve had to answer many of these questions and more! This change was literally thrust upon me; I didn’t have much time to make it, but I knew that it was the right move for me, and my future husband. Ricky completely backed me up and is with me 100% !!! There’s no better feeling than knowing you’re doing the right thing.

It comes down to this: our lives are unbearably short. I thought about this fact EVERYDAY while at my previous job, and while I am thankful to have had it, I’m also very happy to open up a job opening for someone else! This new position (while extremely busy, as I’m finding out) is more in line with my passion: working with non-profit organizations, building my accounting experience, and giving me more control over my life. Guys. I just worked from home today for the first time! And I loved it!


I need to say this: networking is key. I didn’t believe this little tidbit either, but I casually mentioned to a friend that I needed a job, and she called her friend who was actually looking for someone…. and the rest is history. I’m thankful for this opportunity, and I will work hard to prove myself.