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Yep, I’ve been dress shopping recently. Oh my word. Everything was so pretty! And so WHITE.

I don’t have a ton of white in my everyday wardrobe because I can be a bit…. CLUMSY. Coffee/ketchup/my morning smoothie all over my white blouse? That was me just the other day! While dress shopping was fun, I feel like I’m leaning toward something a little less traditional than a big, poofy gown (which can be quite heavy!!)

AH…. Classy and sophisticated. Also easy to wear!

Carson gown

The Carson Gown- JCrew

Maybe something simpler?

Collection shimmer sequin romper

Collection Shimmer Sequin Romper

What about something other than white?

Vera Wang- Kendall

Love this gorgeous shimmery gown!

I love the many styles and colors that are offered to today’s bride. While I haven’t yet bought my dress, I’m sure it’ll be amazing…