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Hey guys!

So … remember that time I went to Puerto Rico? No? *clears throat* WELL! I’m finally getting around to posting those pics and giving you my story. The trip was awesome, I must say. My friend Mel  came up with the BRILLIANT idea of flying to PR for a few days! I was so excited! I’d never been! It would be so refreshing to sip pina coladas on the beach….


Here’s a recap of a trip I took nearly a year ago!!

~DAY 1~

When we landed, what hit me first was the heat and the humidity. I new my fresh ‘do wouldn’t last more than a few hours! No worries- I came prepared.

The streets were cobbled and narrow, yet the locals were accustomed to tight corners and barely a few inches of passing room. After 20 minutes and  nearly scraping an SUV, we arrived at our new home-  “SJ Suites Hotel” , located on Calle Fortaleza (Fortaleza St). We were greeted by “Jorge” (we were so excited, we forgot to catch his name….). He gave us GREAT tips about where to go (and where to stay away), as well as good restaurants, transportation info, and a handy map. Honestly, he was a great resource to us on this trip!

We spent our first evening exploring on foot. We went down Fortaleza and turned towards the pier where several cruise ships were relieving themselves of anxious tourists. The street was lined with merchants selling their souvenirs… shot glasses, shades, handmade jewelry and hats. There was even a stand that allowed you to take pictures with a parrot… for $10!

We dined at Raices which was still within walking distance from our hotel. We had a traditional mofonga (plantains) and beef dish. It was great to try a native dish, but honestly, it was quite heavy. Mel and I shared it and we still weren’t able to finish it. The highlight of this evening was the pina colada (virgin). Jorge mentioned that this tropical drink had been perfected in Old San Juan, and I was excited to give it a try.

Oh my word… I drank the entire mug before dinner arrived. It was so good!


~Day 2 coming later on! In the mean time, stay warm!~