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We all lead busy lives.

Study time!

There are times when I feel as if my job just takes over my life, leaving me no time for the things that I love. There are other days when I feel as if all I do  is just go out looking for a good time with my friends, leaving myself no time for future goals. And now, I feel like I barely have time to juggle school and wedding planning… let alone blogging! This cycle continued for a few weeks, and I suddenly thought to myself…


I’m learning that achieving a healthy work/life balance can be tricky. While I’m blessed to have a job in this economy with great benefits, it’s not necessarily what I want to do for the rest of my life. There are times when I feel as if my energies could be better spent on other endeavors. However, I’ve learned the contentment in “working to live”, instead of “living to work”.

One of the main steps in achieving this balance is scheduling time to relax. Having too many activities going on can make you tired both physically and mentally. I love to work on a project well into the night, for as long as I can keep my eyelids open. The funny thing is, I’d always pay for it in the morning! Now, I do what I can each day, and give myself a pat on the back once a task has been accomplished.

I had to sit down and assess all of the activities I’d signed up for. What could I put off for a while? Which responsibility is weighing me down the most? Although I feel terrible for putting some projects aside, I know it’s for the best. Focusing on the bigger picture will help me achieve those goals that matter the most to me. I’ll still find time to squeeze in those other interests periodically.. but right now, I’ve got big plans! And that  is what keeps me motivated enough to get through my day- focusing on the future.

While I definitely put forth my best effort in the office, and try to get ahead, my life is made joyful and full because of the activities and endeavors that are achieved outside of the office. I’m on my way to finishing my degree in accounting, and I hope to sit for the CPA exam by the end of next year! I’m steadlily growing at blogging and networking, and I love every minute of it! I’ll be teaching Sunday school at church again soon, and I can’t wait! … And, oh yeah! I’m getting married next summer!

These “little” blessings, once added up, certainly outweigh any discontent I may have in other areas of my life. I may forget that sometimes, but it’s not long before God reminds me how blessed I truly am!