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Last weekend was pretty exciting!!!!


My sweetheart of 3 years proposed! And I said YES! i’m thrilled, excited, and a bit overwhelmed. Here’s how the weekend started:

Wednesday: Ricky sends me a text stating, “hey! we should go to the beach this weekend! Got any plans?”. No, I don’t have any plans, and the beach is ALWAYS a great idea in my book! As I’m starting to get excited about this unexpected road trip, a nagging thought rises … why on earth does he want to go to the beach? He can’t be that desperate to wear those croc sandals he got for his birthday!!. I’m immediately intrigued.. and suspicious…

Fast forward to Saturday! After waking up late, and running 2 errands, we’re finally on our way to Charleston, SC! This little town by the sea is only 3 hours away from Charlotte, however, it feels like forever for me. I’d rather just get to my destination and lay on the beach and play in the water. We arrive, drop our stuff off at the military base, and head to Sullivan’s Island! After spending a little while there, and having an awesome lunch at Sullivan’s Restaurant, we spent a little time exploring Sullivan’s Island and enjoying the scenery.

engagement3 20130914_153902

“So, what time should we get up to leave tomorrow?”, he asked as we were driving back to the base. “To get to the beach. We’re going to get there at sunrise, right?”. We’d talked about this on Friday, but I didn’t know that he was serious. Ricky is a night owl, and I’m not particularly sweet at 5am. “Ummmm, I guess we can get up that early. But we have to go to sleep around 11pm for sure!!”, I said. And the suspicious feeling returned…

We head to dinner later that night and happen upon an interesting looking restaurant. “This looks nice,” I said, indicating an Italian place called Monza’s. “Yeah, let’s check it out”, he says. Pretty nonchalant for someone who’s about to propose, right?

However, something was bothering me. Instead of our usual chatter, Ricky was unusually quiet. And he kept staring at me…. so much so, it was making me uncomfortable. “What’s wrong?? Are you ok, sweets?”. “Oh, yeah, I’m fine babe…. I’ll be back. Going to find the restroom”. I shrugged as he left, and started texting one of my girlfriends back at home. But he wasn’t fine. When he returned, he kept staring at me as I ate my salad. “So, you’re setting your alarm for 5am for the beach tomorrow, right?”. OH MY GOODNESS. ENOUGH ALREADY!!

“Well, I’ll definitely set my alarm, but just to give you a heads up, I’m not going to be a happy girl tomorrow morning. I’m exhausted from today, and I’d really like to get a full night’s sleep before church tomorrow morning.” There. I said it. Maybe he’ll let it go.

“Ok, that’s cool. We should leave now so you can get to bed.” And with that, he pays for dinner, and we walk towards the front of the restaurant. But wait! “I want the waitress to take our pic. I really like this place, and I want to remember it for our next visit!”

I turn to ask her to take our pic, but instead, she insists on asking me about where I got my dress. I finally hand her my phone when I hear Ricky call me. I turn around.. and this is what happened… (and yes, I cried!!)


I’m so excited! WE’RE so excited!!! We’d talked about it, and I’d hoped that it would happen soon, but didn’t know when. And then he just surprised me, out of the blue! I’m engaged to be married!!!  oh my word…

engagement2 engagement ring

Love, Tipper