We’ve all had these days. We see that status on Facebook, or that pic on Instagram, and the green-eyed monster instantly rises within us. “how is she able to afford THAT car/house/bag/vacation/(any other item)????”. “I didn’t know she has it like THAT!!”. Then, all of a sudden, your day, your week, your LIFE is somehow ruined. You wonder why on earth you don’t have the things that Tracy has, and why she seems to be so lucky in life. Maybe the stars aligned ever so perfectly when she was born. Maybe she has a secret benefactor that showers her with lavish gifts. Who knows?? I found myself in this particular rut not too long ago, and it just about ruined my evening. However, there were 4 things that I had to remind myself of:

1. Being Jealous of Others Doesn’t Help You Get Ahead

2. Jealousy Weighs You Down

3. Focus on Your Goals and Achievements Instead of Hating on Others’ Acheivements

4. Learn to Be Happy for the Accomplishments of Others, and Let Their achievements Inspire You

After I realized these things, and took a few deep breaths, I was fine. It may not be so easy to overcome the Green Eyed Monster in the future, but I let my faith in God help me in that moment. How can I be angry with my friends and coworkers for doing well? If I’m truly a friend to them, then all I should feel for them is happiness, and a determination to conquer my own goals. For that reason, I am NOT trying to keep up with the “Joneses” anymore! … Or the Kardashians for that matter!!

This may be more of a day-to-day challenge for some… and that’s ok. The important thing to do is to keep trying. Everyday is a new day!