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Favorite Blogger: Amy Chow of “Stupidly Simple Snacks”

1. Fluffy Choco-Nutella-Banana Pancakes on Stupidly Simple Snacks

I was a little taken aback by the name, but after browsing the recipes on this site, I realized that these recipes ARE ridiculously easy. Check her out on Tumblr at amyblogschow.tumblr.com

Favorite Website: Fiverr.com

2. Fiverr.com is an awesome website where you can get ANY odd job done for just $5. Need proofreading? $5. Need a Simpsons character drawn? $5. Need a banner for your blog?? $5. When I mentioned to Ricky that I needed to update the banner for my other blog, he immediately suggested Fiverr. I have to say, the graphic designer helped me out a ton. Now if we can only figure out the layout for the rest of the page, then we’d be set!

Best shopping experience: Target!

3. One thing you must know about me: the fact that I had a pleasurable experience in Target is not that uncommon. Honestly, I’m in there at least twice a week! But this excursion was the best I’ve had in a while….

I was able to find 3 pairs of comfy shoes for under $30!! That, my friends, is why I’ll be a die hard fan of “Tar-jay”!!!

Best. Consignment Shop. Period. – Uptown Cheapskate

4. Guys. I looovveeeeee shopping for second-hand bargains. I get a thrill finding amazing, gently used pieces to add to my wardrobe! If done right, thrifting can be an affordable way to boost your closet collection, AND a way to earn money on the side. While most consignment shops are decidedly picky, Uptown Cheapskate will take all donations. Those that don’t quite meet their standards are donated to Lori’s Loft. How cool is that? I can take my donations to one place, and I don’t have to carry the rejects back home. Additionally, if you trade in, but don’t want to spend your earnings right away, you can start an account with them and spend the money on a later purchase. Cool beans!

Speaking of thrift shopping… check out Thursday’s post for tips on how to become a thrift shop pro!


Favorite follower: Christine!!

Special shout out to Christine at projectlighttolife.wordpress.com. Not too long after this post was published, I got an email stating that she’d followed my other blog??? It’s always sooo awesome to have engaged readers! Thanks, Christine, for your support! … now everyone go and take a look at her blog! It’s pretty amazing AND she’s hosting a giveaway 😉

That’s it for July! We’ll see what August brings…

Love, Tipper