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Too often, we take the things and people in our life for granted. We go on through life thinking it will always be this way, and that it’ll only get better…. it’s so easy to forget that troubles and bad times can happen to any of us at any given moment. It seems that we only remember to be thankful when troubles occur to our friends and coworkers. Our health, spouses, loved ones, and jobs are all things that we should stop and be thankful for everyday. I’m definitely guilty of not showing gratitude for all that I’ve been given on a daily basis….

I’m going to challenge you (and myself) to take a moment each day and write down what you’re most grateful for in your life that day. Maybe it’s your job, or being able to make it home in time for dinner. Maybe you’re thankful that you JUST MADE THAT DEADLINE. Or, your cancer is in remission. Whatever the case may be, leave comments below! Tell me why you’re thankful today! Tweet me @TipperNicole585 and tell me why you’re full of gratitude.