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IMG_3007So, we’re more than half way through the year. If you’re anything like me, you’re wondering, “what have i accomplished? did i make the best use of my time? how could i have gotten ahead?”

It’s perfectly natural to want to check in and “take inventory” of your victories and losses periodically. This moment of reflection can provide some real clarity. Remember the saying “hindsight is 20/20”? Take this time to think about the past 6 months, then use those achievements/failures to help you redirect your  focus  for the remaining 6 months of this year. Review your 2013 goals. Can you check off anything on your list? Are you closer to achieving these goals than you were at the beginning of the year? If not, what actions can you take to set yourself up for success?

If we’re unable to visualize where we’d like to be, then it’s easy to lose focus of our true passion and purpose.  It’s easy to get into a lull… but remember that you must be an active participant in your life, and in the world. Try new activities and step outside of your comfort zone. Shake things up! Review that list of goals with fresh eyes, and determine a plan of action. You may not achieve every goal that you’ve written, but in the process of trying, you may just find yourself in some place you’ve never imagined. Write your down your own amazing journey of future accomplishments, and then live it!