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I love sending cards to friends and loved ones! This thoughtful gesture lets someone know that you care, and brightens their day (and if you think about it… yours too!). However, I wanted to add a more personal  touch to the cards I’d been giving out… Naturally, I have a ton of crafting supplies lying around, so I decided to get a little creative!

To make these handmade cards and envelopes, you will need the following:

Lightweight paper for the inside/outside of your envelope

envelope, gently opened and flattened



paper trimmer with scoring blade

glue or double sided tape


 Making the envelope!

Take the paper for your envelope and place it face down on the table. With your opened envelope, trace around the edges on the back of your patterned paper. Cut out the shape and set aside. Trace again on your paper for the inside of your envelope. Lightly glue the two sheets together, back to back. Place this envelope outside down on the table

With your opened envelope, place on top of your new envelope and fold together following the creases. Make a small slit in the bottom portion of the new envelope to use as an enclosure. Glue/tape the 3 bottom sides together.

With your cardstock, cut a rectangle (or square) that’ll fit inside your envelope. If you’d like a card that folds, use your scoring blade to create the perfect little card that they’ll love to open!

And that’s it! once you’re finished making the card, you can decorate it, and put your own personal message! These cards are super easy to make, and can be done in your spare time. Enjoy!

Love, Tipper