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Like many women in their late 20s, I often languish over the things I  that I “should have by now”, making my days fraught with worry and discontent. However, I also realize that

(a) life isn’t about things, or money; it’s about the experiences and the people in it and

(b) if I REALLY want something, I need to buckle down and do it/get it.


This blog post was originally supposed to appear on this blog in January… and now it’s June. Smh. But the following still rings true! This year, I plan to:

{Begin} There are so many things that I skipped or put off because I was afraid to do it (such as blogging).  There are others in my life and in the world who are where I want to be… but I constantly find that I compare myself to them instead of putting in the work it takes to get where they are! No more!

{Live on Purpose} I’m the type of person who usually lets things happen to me instead of going out there and making things happen for me. Everyday is a reminder that you should make each action count towards your goal.

501{Go on an Adventure….again!}  And not just one adventure. I plan to go on many other adventures this year. Adventures can be found anywhere, from the Caribbean to your own hometown. Try new things and step outside of your comfort zone for a little bit. You won’t be sorry 🙂

That’s all for right now… look for part 2 soon!