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It’s hard to believe that I’m posting my favs again… the months are passing by so quickly! Here are my top pics for May 2013:

Favorite Blogger/blog post: Britt + Whit of San Francisco, CA. Two fabulous ladies who have a killer sense of style. Check them out!

Favorite App (Android): Yes, it’s true. I’ve made the switch from iPhone to Android. The iPhone is SO SMALL compared to all the other phones out there. I was eligible for a contract renewal with verizon, and found a great deal for the Galaxy S3 on Wirefly.com (got a new smartphone for $50!!!). I love this new phone/toy, however, if it were an iPhone, it’d be the perfect phone on the planet. Period. But, I digress….

Pocket   My favorite app on this new smartphone is Pocket. This little app allows me to save whatever I’m reading for later, and it syncs with my laptop as well. How convenient!

Favorite date night venue: Studio Movie Grill at the Epicenter (uptown Charlotte) has been our go-to spot for the last few weeks. First of all, Groupon has been selling $5 tickets (instead of the usual $10 price), and secondly, instead of going to 2 places for dinner and a movie, you can just go here and get both at the same time. We watched Iron Man 3 while devouring a bacon cheeseburger and sweet fries. How awesome is that??