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Favorite Song: “Suit and Tie” by Justin Timberlake. I never jumped on the JT bandwagon when he went solo. I was still recovering from that mac ‘n cheese hair he was sporting with ‘NSync.

Favorite App (iOS): I’ll admit, when I first obtained this app, I was thoroughly confused…. However, I have found that the Passbook app just makes life easier. Period. Remember that SnipSnap app I mentioned last month? Well, now I have my coupons and Starbucks cards in one place! Btw… taking donations from any charitable heart to replenish my starbucks card! (seriously tho… $6.62? I can barely get 2 drinks with that!)


Favorite Blog: My favorite blog this month has been JessLively.com. Just the description of her blog is inspring: “Designing a Life, Home, and Business with Intention”. It only gets better from there! Jess provides practical and encouraging advice about blogging, putting fears aside, and living on purpose. You can view one of my favorite posts here in which she dispels the belief that one needs a degree to succeed at their particular interests.

Favorite Quote (and your lucky numbers!): chinesefortune

Favorite Website: This is a bonus favorite. I’m a bit of a newbie, so if you’re already using this site, please try not to roll your eyes! I’m not really sure how I lived without this up until now! Photo editing apps/websites are my favorite! (currently, I have about 6 separate apps on my phone) PicMonkey.com is amazing for photo editing! No more squinting at my iPhone! I can now edit photos and create collages on my laptop! I’m pretty sure this just made my month! Here’s a collage I did earlier this month 🙂

As always, thanks for visiting! Let me know what some of YOUR favorites are below!