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Had an opportunity to volunteer with my company. I love volunteering, and I try to do so regularly. I love giving back to my community. First of all: it’s a great way to meet people! Secondly,  There are so many people in need, and there’s SO MUCH we can do to help others…. Especially in the Charlotte area!

I usually go through a separate source when I volunteer, however, there were 3 significant advantages for volunteering through my employer:

1- Half day at work!

2-The ability to bill my time off as “community service”, therefore not depleting my accrued time off

3-A really convenient opportunity to volunteer during the week!

About 30 associates from my office showed up. We were split into 3 groups and helped with various stages of maintaining inventory.

They had a ton of donations that hadn’t been sorted yet. We worked for 3 hours unwrapping, hanging and arranging the donations. After a while, the customers began to wait at the stock room door in order to get first dibs on the items we pushed out! We sorted over 2600 lbs of donations for Crisis 🙂

If you’re looking for a volunteer activity, definitely give Crisis a call! They could use the help! Or just stop by with a donation. There are many ways to give to those in need, and to serve others! If sorting donations really isn’t you’re thing, you’re in luck! There are PLENTY of opportunities to volunteer in Charlotte! Check out the links below!

Hands on Charlotte has many different projects to choose from. The best part is that you don’t have to make a commitment. Just choose an interesting event that fits your schedule!

Alexander Youth Network

This is a wonderful place for children recovering from abuse. If you have time, why not become a mentor? These are my 2 favorite places to find volunteer opportunities. If you’re in Charlotte, please give them a try!