This week has been challenging, to say the least.

Most of my troubles seem to stem from work. I’m stressed, and distraught. I feel hopeless. I definitely take ownership of my actions, and know that I must ACT if I want things to change… but why don’t I?


There are many distractions in the world….entertainment, fear, people, helplessness … (I say fear and helplessness because if we languish in them, they will keep us from what we need to be doing) Should we let these distractions keep us from our goals? Are these things or emotions really worth the time wasted? Because after all, you COULD be doing something else to get you closer to your goal. You could get rid of the negative thoughts and replace them with ways to succeed. I must say, I’ve been letting myself become more and more distracted these days. The biggest cause of my distraction is fear. Sometimes, I’m simply unwilling to come to terms with the situation, or to make strides to change it. I’m afraid to muster the strength it takes to overcome.   moving forward, I’ve decided to put the fear and other distractions aside.. I’m challenging myself to be better and to DO better. Complaining and wishing won’t fix the situation. Hard work, determination, and prayer will get me through this time!! Seems like an uphill battle, but the rewards will be worth it!