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Last week, I stumbled upon an inspiring video by SoulPancake featuring Kid President. Perhaps you’ve seen it too?

This message was awesome! I found myself laughing and crying simultaneously during this video! I love this little guy from Tennessee! What was so compelling about this vid were a couple of key points:

1. Don’t be boring. Boring is EASY.

It’s easy to forget that life doesn’t have to be boring. We’re definitely better than that! I often slip into the rhythmic familiarity of work, school, sleep. Yes, those aspects are important, but there is much more to life than existing. It’s the finer details that make for a VIBRANT life.

2. Don’t Stop Believing… 

Sometimes, I feel like I’m a natural-born pessimist. If there’s a dark side to a situation, I will go out of my way to find it. Unfortunately, with all this negativity running through my brain, there is no room for positive thoughts, and no energy for action. THIS is the year that I start believing in myself. Whether it’s blogging, pursuing a new career, leaving my current job, traveling…… whatever! I need to BELIEVE that I can do it, before it becomes a possibility!

3. What will YOU create today?

This resonated with me because I’ve realized that I consume a LOT of media these days. Consumption is fine, but one must regulate the quantity and the QUALITY of the things we pour into our brains. These images, facts, music, etc influence our thoughts, which in turn can become actions, and so on. It’s time to stop being on the receiving end, and to start producing some of the content out there. It may be small, and inconsequential at first, but I do want to use my creativity to influence and encourage someone out there. And I promise, my posts will get better 😉

4. Make this an awesome year…. for other people

Let’s be honest: American culture is geared towards the narcissistic. We don’t have time to care for others, we must be ready to pounce on the latest fashion/technology/gossip as soon as it hits! Even we Christians can be a self-centered: we’re only concerned about our congregation, our clique, our family. This shouldn’t be so. The Bible clearly states that, and Kid President has provided a gentle reminder. We’re on the same team! We are all humans, and we should help each other. The things that make us different (gender, race, sexual orientation, background, education, etc) should not hinder us from helping and loving our fellow man. I’m resolving to give more to others, whether it’s my time, my money, or my resources. I’ll find ways to create an awesome day for someone else 🙂

A few days later… Another young person gave me a wonderful idea!!

My piano student and 12-year-old friend J asked me to come over last Saturday. She can get VERY silly sometimes, but she’s also very kind-hearted and creative….

J has been asking me if we could make cards for weeks now. She wanted to make them for the sick and elderly in our church. I finally took the time to gather my supplies and make time to go over to her house. I wasn’t too sure about my card-making skills, but it was for the good of others, right?

This is what we came up with!

We were so proud of our creations! we made the cards AND the envelopes ourselves! I delivered the cards the following Sunday. I know that they blessed the recipients of J’s kind gesture 🙂