As an aspiring accountant, I find it necessary to put in as many hours of study as I can. I’m committing to no tv or activities during the week (more on that later!), and I’ve even created a study schedule to keep myself on track! I’m only taking Accounting 220, but MAN! It’s kicking my butt, and it’s only the second week!

Here’s what my study session looked like on Saturday night:

7:30- Get home after helping a friend set up her internet. Time to study! I’m going to knock out this chapter and then get started on those questions that are due next week. I’m going to stay on top of things this semester!

7:32- Start modeling with the purse I just bought from Plato’s Closet.

7:40- Attempt to get everything set up…. laptop, book, space heater, highlighter….

7:50- Realize that ALL of my devices need to be charged (laptop, phone, and tablet). Scramble around trying to find the appropriate chargers….

8:00- Ok, Tiff! SIT DOWN AND STUDY!

And I do! I start where I left off in chapter 2…

… record the interest revenue earned but not yet received along with the corresponding receivable….


8:20- Bathroom break. Back at it 2 minutes later….

8:30-Wow! The dog could really use a trim….. (snaps photo)

8:34- Adjusting entries are required to implement the accrual accounting model….

8:40- Mind begins to wander…. STAY FOCUSED!

8:45- Can’t help it! I whip out my phone and update my list of blogging ideas. …

There’s nothing like having a gazillion things on your mind! Any attempts made towards studying are futile!

8:50- I realize it’s getting late… time to speed read. I start skimming….

Accountants sometimes use reversing entries… We can see that balances in the… Majority of transactions are recorded in special journals…. The postings to the general ledger…..


9:07. DONE with chapter two! Great! That means I can move on and start working on the assignment right?


I forgot to eat dinner. *sigh* … Well, I SOMEHOW managed to finish the chapter. Guess I’ll review tomorrow….