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Question: What role does music play in your life?

Music is….

1. The soundtrack of my life.

2. The expression of my soul, when my mouth can’t form the words

3. Song is an instrument of praise to my God.

4. A remedy for when my soul is troubled.

5. A hobby. I teach piano for youngsters!

6. A land of discovery. I don’t discriminate among genres. R&B, classical, punk, world, indie…. even dub step (sometimes).  I love it all, and I enjoy discovering new music!

7. Music was my major back as an undergrad. I had dreams of becoming an opera singer, or even a gospel singer. I did everything a music major should have done.  I directed the gospel choir, sang at Jazz performances, toured with the school chorale, played piano and violin…. I even took a semester to study off campus and prepped for a life of a recording artist. I created a demo album, and made contacts in the music industry that I still have now.  With all the preparation, master classes, recitals,  pages and  pages of music to learn…. I  burned out in the middle of my junior year. I simply did not have the wish to pursue it further. I do wish that I had at least minored in something as a fall back, but it is what it is.

As a result of my life so far, music is very personal for me. Personal and sometimes painful. Sometimes, I think of what could have been if I had stuck with it. I still have those friends and family members who gush about what a “pretty voice” I have, and that if I wanted to, I could get back into the field. They encourage me to audition for American Idol, and to get back in touch with my recording buddies from college.  But I don’t want to. Although I enjoy singing (mostly at church and around the house), I’m not a performer. It was fun while it lasted, but I feel that I lack the creativity, initiative, the drive to make it happen. Who knows? Maybe I’ll get back into it someday.

For the time being, I am content to create new playlists in iTunes, and teach my student all about the joys of sharps and flats. I enjoy singing with my fellow church members during worship service, and delight in the harmonies we create every Sunday morning.  Although I am not in the music profession, I still live my life through  music. As I move throughout my day, there is always a song in my heart. Quite honestly, there is no life without it!