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me: Good morning, this is Tiffany

caller: Hi there. And your name is…?

me: (pause) My name is Tiffany

caller: Oh! Hi…. “Tiffany”.  Are you a human being or a robot? That phone system ya got there is terrible…..


So began my day at a call center. He asked me if I was a human being or a ROBOT. To be honest, on that particular day, I wasn’t quite sure what I was. It’s quite easy to lose yourself  in the day to day life, especially when nothing particularly exciting is happening. After a while, you do begin to feel very droid-like: wake up, rush to work, try to beat deadlines, fight traffic, get home… and it starts again the next day.  The days are starting to blur together into an endless gray fog. If I had a book of my life in front of me, would I pick it up and read it from cover to cover? Beginning to End? On that day, YES, I would have been very tempted to pick it up and skip ahead to the next chapter. This current chapter I’m in is a bit dull and dreary. Lots of questions and concerns about the future. I have plans, and hopes, and dreams, but it’s slow going now. It’s still in the process.

I’m ready for a new adventure, but how could I cheat myself of the exciting journey? If we could zoom ahead to the end, how would that be beneficial for us? Sure, we’d get to see how everything works out, but we wouldn’t have experienced it. We wouldn’t have LIVED. It definitely wouldn’t be fulfilling, or meaningful.  No matter how overwhelming (or underwhelming!) things are, there’s no reason why I can’t change things. My story is still being written. It’s in perpetual beta.  I may have a long journey ahead towards my Master’s degree, or to finding a new job, or to turning 30 😉 … but isn’t that what life’s about? The journey

I don’t think I’d read that book. How could I read it when I’m still writing it? If you skip  ahead to the end, that’s it. It’s over. Like this blog, I’m still developing my story. And that should prove to everyone that I am definitely a human.